Free Global Mood Charts and Data for Your Website

Now you can embed the Wall Street Birds Daily Mood graph into your website with just one line of code:

<img src="">

Wall Street Birds Global Mood

The graph oscillates between 0 and 1. Values above 0.5 indicate positive global mood.

Currently there’s just one size (728x270) but more options will be available soon including additional color schemes, sizes and timeframes.

You can also download the raw data for spreadsheet analysis at

The chart and data file are updated hourly.

In case you didn't know, scientists published a white paper titled "Twitter mood predicts the stock market". Johan Bollen; Huina Mao; Xiao-Jun Zeng (2010), Journal of Computational Science 2: 1–8. The study proved that Twitter has an 87.6% accuracy rate at predicting the stock market.

Wall Street Birds servers use a patent-pending system to extract emotions from social media messages in real-time, in ten languages including English, Chinese (Mandarin), Spanish, Arabic, Hindi, Bengali, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese and German.

The data is extremely sensitive to world mood and economic conditions. Typically the data is highly correlated with price movement, even on a one-minute bar level. Traders claim that our data can predict the VIX by up to six days in advance!

Even though Social Media based Trading Systems are based on scientific evidence, we must still list the standard CFTC and SEC disclaimers for legal purposes:

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SEC Disclosure

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